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When traveling with your dog you should carry a first aid kit built just for the dog. The items listed here are for a basic kit which allows you to treat for minor injuries. You could also have your veterinarian help you put together a kit for your dog.

Important Phone Numbers:

Veterinary clinic phone number and directions to the clinic
Emergency clinic phone number and directions
Poison control center phone numbers

Equipment and Supplies:

Muzzle, or roll of gauze for making a muzzle
Magnifying glass
Nail clippers and metal nail file
Styptic powder or sticks, Kwik Stop, or cornstarch
Nylon slip leash
Eye dropper or oral syringe
Cotton swabs
Cotton balls
Clean towels - cloth and paper
Rectal thermometer(digital works best)
Lubricant such as mineral oil or KY Jelly
Disposable gloves
Syringes (without needles) to administer liquid meds
Grease-cutting dish soap
Bitter Apple or other product to discourage licking

Bandaging Materials:

* Square gauze of various sizes - some sterile
* Non-stick pads
* First aid tape - both paper (easily comes off of skin) and adhesive types
* Bandage rolls - gauze and Vetwrap
* Band-Aids (for humans)
* Wound disinfectant such as Betadine or Nolvasan
* Triple antibiotic ointment for skin
* Antibiotic ophthalmic ointment for eyes, e.g., Terramycin
* Eye wash solution
* Sterile saline
* Antidiarrheal medicine such as Pet Pectate
* Buffered or canine aspirin
* Diphenhydramine (Benadryl) for allergic reactions
* Cortisone spray or cream, such as Itch Stop
* Ear cleaning solution
* Hydrogen peroxide (used to make a dog vomit)
* Activated charcoal to absorb ingested poisons (consult your veterinarian before using)
* Watch the expiration dates on any medication, and replace as needed.
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