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The Down & Back is the most common, quickest and simplest to perform. This pattern only shows the Judge the front and rear action of the dog leaving them to look at side gait on the go around.

Generally you will start the pattern with the dog on your left; approach the judge (the "Judge" is the small circle on the diagram, you will approach from the judges left) and turn toward the first leg of the pattern so that your dog is in front of and going directly away from the judge. Quickly pick a visual point at the far end of the ring (if outside or ring is unmated) to head toward so that you gait your dog in a straight line (it is very hard to evaluate movement when the dog looks like a drunken sailor!). If the ring is matted you will keep the dog in the center of the mat at all times. When you reach the far side of the ring (or the corner if going on the diagonal) you will do a right about turn (you can do a left about if you have a small dog) and retrace your path back to the judge.
When you are approximately 6 feet away from the judge you will stop the dog in a stand position to show the dogs’ natural stance, do not hand set his feet during this time. You should stop the dog facing the judge or at a ¾ angle to the judge making sure to keep your body out of the judges line of sight. Many handlers show the dogs profile but that is not really correct. You may bait the dog to get an alert expression. When the judge dismisses you take your dog all the way around the ring to the end of the line-up.
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