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We offer two subscription choices:

A) 3 month subscription for $14.95

B) 1 year subscription for $49.95 (includes 1 free online training consultation, see information below).

Payment methods:

A) You can pay online using the “Paypal” feature. Payment through Paypal is safe and secure; we do not store payment information on our website!

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As a subscriber you will have full benefits of this site and all topics will be available for your viewing pleasure. You will have access to:
1- Training articles both written and audio.
2- “How to” dog show information such as “How to fill out a dog show entry form”.
3- Tracking training articles such as “Starting a puppy in tracking”.
4- Rally obedience articles including “Signs and Descriptions”.
Plus much more!

One free online video consultation for a training issue is included with a 1 year subscription. Just upload your digital video of your training issue and receive a private response put on the web site that only you can view (My private articles section). If you do not have digital video capability you can send a VHS tape to Code 3 K-9 and your consultation response will be posted as soon as the tape is viewed.

Anyone may purchase an online training consultation by visiting the “Training Consultations” page.

We are sure that you will find this site informative and useful about all things “dog”! We are constantly adding articles and features so there will always be something new for you to view each week. If you have any questions before or after subscribing please don’t hesitate to contact:!
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