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[Thursday, February 15, 2007]
Kentucky House Bill 375, introduced by Representative Webb, has been referred to the House Committee on Local Government but has not yet been set for a hearing. It seeks to protect the rights of breeders and owners by limiting what local governments can prohibit or regulate in regards to dogs. It is vital that breeders and owners contact their representative to express their support of this measure.

HB 375 will protect responsible pet owners and breeders.

If adopted, the proposal would ban local governments from:

Prohibiting or regulating the ownership, breeding, transportation, or training of dogs used for hunting and/or field trials

Prohibiting or limiting dogs in public parks

Prohibiting or regulating service dogs in public parks or other locations

Requiring the spaying or neutering of any animal

Requiring a higher fee for licensure or ownership of an intact dog

Providing for a lower fee or tax for licensure or ownership of a dog that is spayed or neutered.

To contact your representative and express your support of this bill call 1-800-372-7181 and request to send a green slip to your member asking that HB 375 receive hearing in the Local Government Committee.

Click here to find your Representative.

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