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1- At the top of the form is the name of the show giving club, the dates of the show and the location of the show. There are usually check boxes next to the dates so that you can check which days you wish to enter. Next is the entry information; when the entries close (you must have your entry at the superintendants office by this date, not just postmarked) and where to mail entries. You then need to write in the total amount of your entry in the very small space provided under all the above information.

2- Breed: Write in the full name of your breed IE: “Labrador Retriever” not just “Lab”.

3- Variety: Some breeds have varieties and the classes are divided so that each variety shows with its own kind. Varieties are:

American Cocker Spaniel has 3 varieties; Black, ASCOB (any solid color other than black) and Parti-color.

Beagles have 2 varieties; 13 inch and 15 inch.

Collies have 2 varieties; Rough and Smooth.

Bull Terriers Colored or White.

Manchester Terriers Standard or Toy.

Chihuahuas Smooth coat or Long coat.

English Toy Spaniels King Charles and Ruby, Blenheim and Prince Charles.

Poodles Toy, Miniature, Standard.

4- Sex: Male or Female.

5- Dog Show Class: There are 8 standard classes of which you need to choose one. Males and Females show separately but the classes are the same for each sex. The classes are:

6 months and under 9 months (write in 6-9 dog or 6-9 bitch)

9 months and under 12 months (write in 9-12 dog or 9-12 bitch)

Twelve to Eighteen months (write in 12-18 dog or 12-18 bitch)

Novice dog or Novice bitch (for dogs that have not won 3 first place awards)

Bred by Exhibitor (dog must have been bred by the person showing it) write in Bred by dog or Bred by bitch or you can use BBE dog or BBE bitch.

American bred (for dogs born in the USA) write in Am. Bred dog or Am. Bred bitch.

Open. This class is for all dogs from 6 months of age and up. This is where most of the adult dogs are shown although puppies are entered in this class at times too. (write in Open dog or Open bitch).

Another aspect of Open is that some breeds have class divisions, this information will be written in the space “Class Division”, and they are as follows:

Labrador Retrievers: black, yellow, chocolate.

Dachshunds (all 3 varieties are divided): Miniature- 11 lbs & under & 12 months old or over, Standard- over 11 lbs & 11 lbs & under if less than 12 months old.

Boxers: Brindle, Fawn.

Doberman Pinschers: Black, AOAC (any other allowed color).

Great Danes: Brindle, Fawn, AOAC (Black, Blue, Harlequin, Mantle).

Boston Terriers: Under 15 lbs, 15 lbs and over.

Chinese Shar-Pei: Brushcoat, Horsecoat.

Australian Shepherds: Blue Merle, Black, Red Merle, Red.

Collies (Rough): Blue Merle, Sable & White, Tri-Color, White.

Shetland Sheepdogs: Sable & White, AOAC (Blue, Bi Blue, Tri-Color, Bi Black.)

Best of Breed: This class is for dogs that have completed the requirements and have received the title of Champion. Write in Best of Breed or BoB.

Additional classes: this is for any class you may be entering such as Brace, Stud Dog, Brood Bitch (if offered at that show)or extra obedience class.

Obedience Class: Novice A, Novice B, Open A, Open B, Utility A or Utility B.

Rally Class: Rally Novice (RN), Rally Advanced (RA) or Rally Excellent (RE). You must include your dogs jump height for RA and RE in this space.

JR. Showmanship class: This is for juniors showing in showmanship competition. The classes are:

Novice Junior (at least 9 yrs and under 12 yrs of age who have not won 3 first place awards with competition present).

Novice Intermediate (at least 12 and under 15 yrs of age who have not won 3 first place awards with competition present).

Novice Senior (at least 15 and under 18 yrs of age who have not won 3 first place awards with competition present).

Open Junior (at least 9 and under 12 yrs of age who have won 3 first place awards with competition present).

Open Intermediate (at least 12 and under 15 yrs of age who have won 3 first place awards with competition present).

Open Senior (at least 15 and under 18 yrs of age who have won 3 first place awards with competition present).

Name of Junior handler: Self explanatory.

Jr. Handler AKC # All Junior handlers need to include their AKC Junior Handler Number on the entry. The Number is received by contacting AKC and requesting a Jr. Handler Number. The Juniors number and date of birth need to be filled in on the back of the entry form.

Full Name of Dog: The dogs official AKC registered name is written in this space.

Registration #: Check which box applies; AKC Reg. #, AKC Litter #, ILP #, or Foreign Reg. # and Country then write in the registration number in the space provided.

Date of Birth: write in dog’s date of birth.

Place of Birth: check the box that applies; USA, Canada or Foreign.

Breeder: write in the name of the breeder as it appears on your registration papers.

Sire: write in full registered name and titles of the sire (father) of your dog.

Dam: write in full registered name and titles of the dam (mother) of your dog.

Exhibitor code: most people do not have one of these, leave blank. The exhibitor code allows you to get information from the superintendant concerning your dogs entry.

Actual owners: This would be the person who is listed on the dogs registration papers at time of sale unless the dog has been transferred to another person and that person does not have the official certificate indicating the change of ownership. If this is the case then you must state on the entry form that the transfer of ownership application has been mailed to AKC.

Owners Address: Self explanatory.

Name of owner’s agent (if any) at the show: This would be the name of the person who is handling your dog such as a professional handler.

Signature of owner or agent: You must sign the entry, without a signature your entry will be returned to you. When you sign the entry you are stating that you have the right to enter this dog as its owner or agent and that you have read the rules regarding dog shows and that you abide by the “agreement” on the back of the entry form. The booklet “Rules applying to dog shows” can be picked up at most shows at the superintendants table or you can order them from AKC.

Hopefully this article has helped you with your dog show entry form.
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