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Novice class is the place everyone starts their obedience career.
The exercises are:


Heel on lead: Handler and dog perform this exercise moving about the ring in a pattern called out by the judge. There will be at least one 90* right turn, one 90* left turn, one 180* right about turn, a fast pace, slow pace and halts. This exercise shows that the handler has control over his dog when out for a walk.

Figure 8: Handler and dog heel a figure 8 pattern around 2 people (called “posts”) that are standing approximately eight feet apart. There will be two halts in this exercise. The dog is not allowed to sniff or interact with the “posts” at any time during this exercise. This exercise shows that the dog can work past strangers and not exhibit “rude” behavior.

Stand for Exam: The leash is removed and the dog is placed in a standing position. The handler leaves the dog and walks about 6 feet away. The judge will approach your dog and touch the dogs head, back and croup (rump) then walk away. You will return to your dog on the judge’s order to release the dog from position. This exercise shows that your dog can tolerate the touch of a stranger such as for grooming or veterinary exams.

Heel Free: The handler and dog will repeat the heel pattern that was used for the Heel on Lead exercise while off lead.

Recall: The handler will leave the dog on a wait or stay command (dog is sitting) and walk approximately 40 feet away. The judge will order you to “call your dog” at which time you will give the dog one command to come to you. The dog must come to you and sit in front of you facing your legs. The judge will then order you to “finish” at which time you command your dog to heel and the dog must go to your left side and sit in heel position. This exercise shows the willingness of the dog to come quickly to its handler on the first command.

Long Sit and Long Down: These are group exercises with many dogs in the ring at the same time lined up along one side of the ring. The sit exercise is for 1 minute and the down is for 3 minutes. The handlers are lined up on the opposite side of the ring facing their dogs. These exercises show that your dog will remain where you leave him even with major distraction (the other dogs).

The complete discription of the exercises can be found on the AKC site under Obedience regulations.
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