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Here are a few tips to remember when you begin to compete in Rally Obedience:

* Most points are lost for tight leads. Use your voice and body language to keep the dog with you rather than the lead.

* It is most important to do the course correctly. Do not try to go faster than you and your dogs accuracy can handle. Take the time needed to fully complete an exercise before moving on. IE: Make sure the dog is totally down or completely in a sit before continuing.

* Talking to your dog is allowed and encouraged. If it helps your dog DO IT!!

* If you completely mess up a station, re-do it. It will only cost you 3 points instead of 10. Make sure to go back to a point just before the station sign as the heeling up to the station sign is part of the course. Also make sure you redo the WHOLE exercise not just the part you messed up on.

* Most of all relax and have a good time. Rally becomes very enjoyable for you and your dog if you relax!
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