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These are some common terms that are used in Rally sign descriptions and in the AKC rules and regulations.
STATION: A sign requiring an exercise to be performed at that place. Most exercises begin just before and to the left of the sign (there are some exceptions).

PIVOT: A pivot is a tight turn in place. Think of turning on a spot the size of a dinner plate.

360 OR 270 DEGREE: These turns are done as small circles as if walking around the inside of a hula hoop.

WALK THROUGH: The time given the exhibitors to familiarize themselves with the course flow. You may walk the course as many times as you wish in the time frame allowed. Any questions about the course can be asked at this time.

STATIONARY EXERCISE: Any exercise that requires a halt.

IP: Incorrectly performed. This will give you a 10 point deduction. Unlike traditional obedience you may retry the exercise and gain back points if done correctly the 2nd time.

RETRY: A station that is repeated in its entirety including the approach to the station. A retry must be done before reaching the next station. A retry costs you 3 points and if the station is done correctly on the 2nd attempt you will gain back 7 of the points you lost on the 1st failed attempt. Only two retrys are allowed.

STATION NOT ATTEMPTED: A station skipped/missed by the handler before attempting the next station. This error will cause an NQ for the run.

PAUSE: A complete stop of forward motion by the handler. You must “pause” in heel position after “walk around” exercises such as the “down in motion” & "moving stand".

NQ: Non-Qualifying. Minimum requirements were not met for the course resulting in no score.
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