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  The Field spaniel is not a well known sporting breed. They are unusually docile, sensitive, fun-loving, independent and intelligent with a great desire for human companionship and may be reserved when meeting strangers.

  The Field spaniel is a medium size dog 17-18 inches at the shoulder and weighing 25-35 lbs.

  Color is black, liver, golden liver, roan or any of these with tan points.

  The coat is moderately long, dense and water repellent. The have some feathering on the chest, underbody, backs of the legs, buttocks and under the tail but should not be abundant.
  The Field spaniel needs brushing several times a week to keep the coat tangle free. The also need some minor trimming.

  Health issues:
Hip dysplasia, Elbow dysplasia (not common), Thyroid, Eye problems, Heart problems (not common).
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