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  The English Setter is a beautiful, active and lovable dog. There are two distinct types of English Setters; the show dog that has a long flowing coat and the field type that has a lot less coat and is different in body style than the show dog.

  The English Setter is a medium large dog 24-25 inches at the shoulder. They weigh 50-70 lbs, should be lean never fat.

  Color is orange belton, blue belton (white with black markings), tricolor (blue belton with tan on muzzle, over the eyes and on the legs) lemon belton and liver belton. The base color should be white with intermingling of darker hairs resulting in markings varying in degree from clear distinct flecking to roan shading, but flecked all over is preferred (The word “belton” is used to describe the color in English Setters only and the name was taken from a village in Northumberland). Head and ear patches acceptable, heavy patches of color on the body undesirable.

  The English Setter needs daily brushing to keep its coat tangle free. Trimming is required on the body, head and feet. This breed does shed.

  English Setters are highly active dogs that require considerable exercise therefore is better suited to living in the country than in the city. This breed is not a couch potato! Training is necessary to give the dog something to do with all that energy.

    Health issues:
Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, hypothyroidism, Allergies, congenital deafness.
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