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The curly coat is pretty easy going, very trainable, affectionate, enduring, hardy and will practically live in the water. She is very active and has a lot of endurance.

The curly coat is a medium large dog with no particular height or weight given in its written standard.

Color is black or liver.

   The coat is this dog’s most distinguishing feature; it is a mass of tight curls all over the body (except the muzzle) like that of a poodle (poodle is in this dog’s genetic makeup). The curly coat requires grooming but not trimming and they do shed.

   Curly coats are very energetic and require training as they do have strong personalities (they can make good guard dogs). Socialization while young of age is very important to keep them friendly and outgoing. They make great housedogs.

   Health issues:
Hip dysplasia, elbow dysplasia, cardiac problems,
Glycogen Storage Disease IIIa, epilepsy.
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