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The Clumber Spaniel looks like a Saint Bernard without legs! They have a massive head with wrinkled brows. This is a low stationed heavy dog that, when trained, makes a fine retriever.

The Clumber is a large dog in a medium size body. They are 17-19 inches at the shoulder and weigh 55-85 lbs!

   Color is primarily white with lemon or orange markings; the fewer the markings on the body the better.

The coat is dense, straight and flat with moderate feathering on the legs and belly. The only trimming allowed is feet and hocks. The Clumber needs daily brushing to keep her tangle free.

   The Clumber is affectionate with her family but can be reserved with strangers so early socialization is very important. This breed needs training as they really are a big dog in a short body.

Health issues:
Hip dysplasia, Hypothyroid
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