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   The American Water Spaniel is a hardy dog that loves to hunt. He was developed in the US to be an all around hunting dog working on land as well as in the water.

   The Am. Water Spaniel is a medium size dog being 15-18 inches at the shoulder and weighing 25-45 lbs.

   Color is liver, brown or dark chocolate. A little white on toes and chest is allowed.

     The Am. Water Spaniels coat can be tight waves or closely curled. The amount of waves or curls can vary from one area to another on the dog. The coat may be trimmed to keep it neat looking and needs brushing several times a week to keep longer areas from tangling.

   This breed has great energy yet is controllable. He can be a great watchdog and a good housedog. He is eager and learns quickly although his eagerness may make him overanxious. This breed needs training to control his energy.

   Health issues:
Hypothyroidism, Epilepsy
  Companion Obedience
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