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Used to be called the Brittany spaniel but the name was changed in 1982 dropping the word spaniel as the Brittany does not hunt like a spaniel but rather more like the setters. The Brittany is a close ranging dog in the hunting field so is liked by today’s hunters as the hunting areas are becoming smaller also its size makes it better adapted to city living than some of the larger bird dogs but it is not a couch potato!

  The Brittany should be between 17 ˝ to 20 ˝ inches at the shoulder weighing about 30 – 40 lbs.

   The color is orange and white or liver and white. Tri colors (liver and white with classic orange marking on eyebrows, muzzle and cheeks, inside the ears and under the tail, freckles on lower legs are orange) are allowed but not preferred. Black is a disqualification in the breed so don’t be fooled into buying a so called “rare” black.

   Brittanys need proper grooming/trimming to look their best, They are not supposed to have profuse feathering (skirt or belly hair, hair on backs of front legs and the hair on the back of the thighs) or long body coat. Brittany’s do shed.

   Brittanys are strong, vigorous, energetic and quick of movement. They need quite a bit of exercise to keep them (and you) happy. Brittanys are very “birdie” and can be extremely distracted by the presence of birds. This may cause them to run off and get into trouble. Training is very important to control these very energetic dogs! If you are not an active person who likes to spend a lot of time outdoors with your dog the Brittany may not be the dog for you.

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