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Roundworm: Most common worm in dogs. The larval stage worm passes through the placenta into the fetusís liver. After birth of the pups the larvae are carried by the blood to the heart, then to the lungs. They can also pass through the milk of the dam. Irritation of the bronchial passages causes the dog to gag and cough the larvae up, then swallow them. This enables the larvae to reach the intestines where they latch onto the walls and mature. Older pups and adult dogs can get roundworms by ingesting contaminated stool or by coming in contact with stool contaminated places.

Actual roundworm in stool.

Hookworm: These worms cause debilitating disease in adult dogs and are a frequent killer of pups. It is probably the leading cause of death in pups over two or three weeks of age. In chewing their way to blood vessels serving the intestinal walls, hookworms inflame the lining and make the organ less efficient. As a result, the dog becomes malnourished as well as anemic. Bloody stool, diarrhea, anemia, weakness and dehydration are symptoms of hookworm infestation as well as poor coat condition.

Whipworm: These worms are less of a problem since it is not a common worm. Eggs are extremely resistant to the environment and larvae can exist for several years in the soil or cracks in floors. Symptoms are similar to those of hookworm.

Tapeworm: Most commonly infected by ingesting a flea which is the host for tapeworm larvae. A single segment of the worm looks like a grain of rice. Symptoms are gas and poor coat.

Heartworm: Heartworm larvae are carried by mosquitos. Heartworms clog the heart killing the dog. Shortness of breath, tiring quickly and occasionally coughing are symptoms of heartworm.
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