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Title Abbreviations And What They Mean
Ch: Champion. A dog must acquire 15 total points in conformation competition. Other criteria required.

BIS: Best in Show. Award given to the single best dog of all breeds at the show for that day.

BISS: Best in Specialty Show: Award given to the single best dog of the breed being shown. Specialty shows are generally single breed shows. It can also be a specific group of dogs such as all Hound breeds.

BOB: Best of Breed. Award given to the best dog in a single breed. This dog continues on to group judging to compete for Best in Show.

BOW: Best of Winners. The winners dog and winners bitch compete for best of winners.

BOS: Best Opposite Sex. The next best dog to Best of Breed. Example: If BOB is male best opposite is female.

BOV: Best of Variety. For dogs that have breakdowns within their breed such as chow chows with rough and smooth varieties this would be the winner of that variety.

WD or WB: Winners Dogor Winners Bitch: These two dogs are the only ones to get “Points” towards their championship within breed judging.

CD: Companion Dog. This is the first AKC title in obedience.

CDX: Companion Dog Excellent. The second AKC obedience title.

UD: Utility Dog. The 3rd AKC obedience title.

UDX: Utility Dog Excellent. Must get 10 Double Qualifying scores in both Open & Utility. (must qualify in both classes on the same day).

OTCH: Obedience Trial Champion. Dogs that show in both Open & Utility and receive a class placement with competition get points towards an OTCH. Points are dependant upon number in competition. A dog must acquire 100 points with other criteria required.

RN: Rally Novice. Beginning level rally title.

RA: Rally Advanced. 2nd level rally title.

RE: Rally Excellent. 3rd level rally title.

RAE: Rally Advanced Excellent. Must have 10 double qualifying scores in Rally Advanced and Excellent. (Must pass both classes on the same day).

TD: Tracking Dog. Beginning level tracking title. Must have this title to compete for other levels.

TDX: Tracking Dog Excellent. Higher level tracking title.

VST: Variable Surface Tracking. The Highest level tracking title.

CT: Champion Tracker. Title given to a dog that passes all 3 tracking tests.

NA: Novice Agility.

NAJ: Novice Agility Jumper with Weaves.

NAP: Novice Agility Preferred.

NJP: Novice Jumpers with Weaves Preferred.

OA: Open Agility.

OAJ: Open Agility Jumper with Weaves.

OAP: Open Agility Preferred.

OJP: Open Jumpers with Weaves Preferred.

AX: Agility Excellent.

AXJ: Agility Excellent Jumpers with Weaves.

AXP: Agility Excellent “A” Preferred.

AJP: Excellent Agility Jumpers with Weaves “A” Preferred.

MX: Master Agility Excellent.

MXJ: Master Excellent Jumpers with Weaves.

MXP: Master Agility Excellent “B” Preferred.

MJP: Master Excellent Jumpers with Weaves “B” Preferred.

MACH: Master Agility Champion.

VCD1: Versatile Companion Dog 1. Must have; CD, NA, NAJ, TD or NAP, NJP, TD.

VCD2: Versatile Companion Dog 2: Must have; CDX, OA, OAJ, TD or CDX, OAP, OJP, TD.

VCD3: Versatile Companion Dog 3: Must have; UD, AX, AXJ, TDX or UD, AXP, AJP, TDX.

VCD4: Versatile Companion Dog 4: Must have; UDX, MX, MXJ, VST or UDX, MXP, MJP, VST.

CGC: Canine Good Citizen. Must complete 10 “stations” that are designed to show good manners.

BH: An obedience and temperament test that must be taken before entry into Schutzhund events.

SCH 1, 2 or 3: Schutzhund. A three phase test that includes Obedience, Tracking and Protection.

WC: Working Certificate for Retrievers.

JH: Junior Hunter. Must receive 4 qualifying scores.

SH: Senior Hunter. Must receive 5 qualifying scores.

MH: Master Hunter. Must receive 6 qualifying scores.

JE: Junior Earthdog. A title for terriers that “go to ground” to hunt vermin.

SE: Senior Earthdog. A higher title for terriers.

ME: Master Earthdog. The highest title for terriers that “go to ground” to hunt vermin.

HT: Herding tested.

PT: Pre-trial tested. (herding)

HS: Herding Started.

HI: Herding Intermediate.

HIC: Herding Intermediate Course “C”

HX: Herding Excellent.

INT Ch. International Champion. In the U.S this title is usually given at IABCA (International All Breed Canine Association) shows.

Nat Ch. National Champion. In the U.S this title is usually given at IABCA (International All Breed Canine Association) shows.

TDI: Therapy Dogs International. A classification given to a dog that has passed this organizations test for “Therapy”. Once certified the dog can go into hospitals, nursing homes etc for visits. This does not give the owner the right to take the dog into restaurants, stores etc. Therapy dogs are NOT service dogs!

SAR: Search & Rescue.

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