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20 Signs that your dog may be in trouble from bloat or torsion:

Know these symptoms as bloat can be fatal within an hour!!
Dogs showing any of these symptoms should be rushed to a veterinarian!

(1) distended abdomen
(2) rigid (hard) abdomen
(3) painful when touched in the abdomen
(4) vomiting foamy or liquid material
(5) unproductive attempts at vomiting or retching
(6) arched back
(7) praying position (down in front, rear standing)
(8) laying down on belly - crouched position
(9) curling up in a ball
(10) laying or sitting in an unusual location
(11) seeking a hiding place
(12) looking at their side
(13) frequent swallowing (aerophagia)
(14) hypersalivation (drooling heavily)
(15) drinking excessively
(16) lack of appetite
(17) quiet, any abnormal behavior
(18) lethargy, weakness
(19) panting, breathing rapidly or heavily
(20) red gums, or white gums (not normal pink color)
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