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 The beauty contest for dogs
Junior Showmanship

In conformation training the dog is taught to trot around a “ring” beside or out in front of the handler in a controlled manner. The dog also learns to stand in a position required by its breed standard and look attentive. The dog must hold this position while the “judge” examines him/her including looking in the mouth to check the number and alignment of the teeth.

The handler learns how to properly present the dog to show the dog’s best qualities and minimize structure faults. Handlers are taught how to set up the dog in the show pose and “bait” the dog to bring out the best expression possible. Ring patterns such as the “down and Back”, “Triangle” and “L” are taught so that the handler can perform these smoothly and with confidence. Knowledge of ring procedure is also covered.

Junior Showmanship is for kids 9-18 years of age. This program teaches the same skills as in conformation plus general dog care and showing knowledge. Junior Showmanship competition is a great way to help young people become more responsible caring adults. The program provides incentives for the kids to do their best including money towards college!
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