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   Companion obedience classes teach you how to train your dog for everyday living.
The classes are 8 weeks duration meeting 1 night a week for an hour. The class schedule covers Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Wait, Come and an emergency stop command. Problem behavior such as jumping on people, barking, digging & chewing are also covered. We use distractions in this class that get increasingly harder as the weeks go by so that your dog learns to respond while tempting things are happening in the environment.
The cost for the “Basic Obedience” course is $90.00.

Private lessons are 4 one hour sessions for $180.00 These sessions cover basic obedience and behavior modification. The program is totally molded to your needs.

Our Board & Train program is a 5 week in house training camp for your dog. While your dog stays with us he/she will learn basic manners such as Heel, sit, down, come, stay and place. We also do behavior modification for problem dogs. You will get a 2-3 hour session with the dog at the end of the program to learn how to handle the dog through the commands. If you cannot attend the handler training at the end of your dogs program (shipping dog from out of state for example) then your dog will be sent home with a vhs video of the dog performing the commands and instructions on how to maintain the training. The cost of this program is $500.00
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