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Diane: You may repeat any class as a refresher course. I do offer a discount for any dog/handler team that repeats an obedience class.

Diane: I would not neuter during this phase. Remember if the dog gets hurt or scared during this phase the results may be permanant. I would either neuter at 6 months or wait until 8 months. I usually have my females spayed at 5 1/2 months so that they don't come into season as the risk of mammary cancer increases with the first heat. With a male you dont have that issue so you should wait until 8 months.

Diane: You can start training your dog at 6-8 weeks of age. Early puppy training is called "imprinting". You can imprint anything you want the puppy to know. Puppy will not perform with accuracy yet but will retain all that you imprint so teaching accuracy is easy as the pup matures.

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