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by Marie Logue
Item: DTO215
One book, all venues, all levels, multiple dogs. Includes Rally Obedience. Permanent, cumulative record of legs, points and titles!

by Marie Sawford. Item: DTO231
Explains how to master each Rally station, how to complete the exercises and what the key skills are for each exercise. This book is the perfect tool for both the student and the instructor with easy-to-read handling and training tips. For companion dogs, Rally can be a great introduction to the world of dog sports!

by Janice Dearth
Item: DTO223
Exhibitors, instructors, and prospective judges will find this helpful for teaching, designing, and judging Rally. Includes tips for designing courses and usable courses with exhibitor sheets.

by Charles 'Bud' Kramer
Item: DTO207
Full set of 58 signs to accompany Rally-O: Introduction to Rally Style Obedience, DTO206. *Note: These signs are now the AKC version.

by Marie Logue
Item: DTO221
Be ready for AKC Rally Obedience competition, coming soon! Keep a permanent record of legs and titles earned. Use for all venues, all levels, multiple dogs.

by Gottfreid Dildei
Item: DGT169
Used by both Schutzhund and competitive obedience trainers! Teach from the beginning to work in drive. From the most successful Schutzhund coach in the US.

Teaches all advanced exercises in Schutzhund, including recall, finish, stand in motion, retrieves and send away.

by Gottfreid Dildei
Item: DGT177
These videos train the schutzhund obedience exercises utilizing the dog's drive instincts to get animated enthusiastic performance. Used extensively by AKC obedience competitors who want to train their dogs to work in "drive".

by Debby Quigley & Judy Ramsey
Item: DTO230
The success is indeed in the proofing! Proofing is an essential part of training, but one that is often overlooked or not worked on enough. We all know the story of the dog who can perform a variety of behaviors perfectly in the backyard but falls apart in the obedience ring. This book is full of great ideas and strategies to help your dog do his best no matter what the distractions or conditions may be. Whether competing in Rally or Obedience, trainers everywhere will find this very portable and user friendly book an indispensable addition to their tool box.

By Robert Cole. Item: DSH160

2004 Dog Writers Assn. of America Writing Competition Winner, Best Reference Book! Now you can develop your own eye for sound movement and structure and learn how marking, size, and even leash position affect the judge's perception! You will get to actively participate in over 100 judging scenarios similar to what a judge encounters in the show ring.

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