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   The Flat Coat has drive and perseverance when hunting and is unafraid of going into rough environments. He has a delightful temperament, is very intelligent and the hallmark of this breed is his wagging tail.

   The GSHP is an all purpose hunting dog. She is a staunchly pointing bird dog, a keen-nosed night trailer, a proven duck dog, an natural retriever on land and water, has pleasing conformation and markings, great powers of endurance and is an intelligent family watchdog and companion. Indicative of this dog’s versatility is its successful work on pheasant, quail, grouse, partridge, jacksnipe, woodcock, duck, rabbits, coon and possum. GSHP have water-repellent coats and webbed feet, it retrieves well from rough terrain or icy waters. As you can tell the GSHP is a very active dog who needs outlets for their energy.

   The GWHP is an intelligent, energetic and determined hunter who has a somewhat water proof coat. He can point as well as retrieve and works equally well on land and in the water. He is keen-nosed and constitutionally tough.

   This is one of the most recognized retrievers. Goldens are friendly, reliable and trustworthy. They should be eager, alert and self-confident never aggressive or fearful.

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