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by Monica Segal
Item: DN246
Features raw and cooked canine diets for a variety of life stages, lifestyles, and diseases.

by Donald Strombeck
Item: CDN180
Diets of wholesome ingredients, customized to physical needs and individual preferences of your cat or dog! Diets cover both normal maintenance and treatment of specific problems, formulated by computer to ensure complete balanced nutrition.

by Rudy Edalati
Item: DN204
Wholesome, easy-to-prepare meals for your dog! You'll find all the necessary ingredients in your refrigerator or at your local supermarket.

by Diane Morgan
Item: DN203
The absolutely optimal diet for dogs is a home-prepared one which is nutritionally balanced and customized for the dog's age, breed, activity level, and health. This book will explain exactly how to achieve that.

by Ann Martin
Item: CDN168
New and updated! Discusses the contents and manufacture of commercial pet foods and recommends a natural, homemade diet. Complete with recipes and other tips for a healthy pet.

by Ian Billinghurst
Item: DN138
A runaway best seller based on the concept that a natural, raw food-based diet is best for your dog. Learn how to feed your dog(s) for maximum health, low cost and low environmental impact using raw, whole foods. Contains valuable nutritional information for anyone who is involved with dogs, including vets, vet students, breeders and dog owners.

by Ian Billinghurst
Item: DN202
Suggested recipes and practical information to assist in the home production of BARF diets - now everyone can do the BARF diet for their pets!

by Tom Lonsdale
Item: CDN201
Dogwise is now the exclusive distributor of this important book by Australian veterinarian Tom Lonsdale. The most authoritative and complete reference in print on the benefits of a raw food diet for your dog. Exhaustively researched and clearly written, it provides a suggested diet, feeding tips and dos and don'ts. If your vet is skeptical, give him or her a copy of the book!

by Carina Beth MacDonald
Item: DN208
Great News! "Raw Dog Food: Make It Easy for You and Your Dog" received the 2003 Dog Writers of America Award for Best Book under 100 pages. Find out why! This fun, informative, and slightly irreverent book shows you how feeding your dog a raw diet can be effective, economical, easy for you and healthy for your dog.

by Tom Lonsdale
Item: DN230
Essential information for dogs and their owners, veterinarians, educators and anyone interested in dogs, diets and health. Leads us through the practical essentials of dog feeding including how to source, store and prepare raw food.

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