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Obedience Training:

1- Expert Obedience Training For Dogs

2- Dog Training For Dummies

3- Attention Training & Heeling

4- Competition Obedience: A Balancing Act

5- Beyond Basic Dog Training

6- Competitive Obedience Training For The Small Dog

7- Obedience Without Conflict: Clear Communication DVD

8- Obedience Without Conflict 2

9- Steppin Up to Success Book 1

10- Steppin Up To Success Book 2

11- Steppin Up To Success Book 3

12- Success In Proofing

13- The Rally Course Book

14- Rally On

15- Rally Signs

16- Multi Venue Competition Record Book

17- Rally Competition Record Book


1- Scent and The Scenting Dog

2- Tracking From The Ground Up

3- Enthusiastic Tracking: A Step by Step Training Handbook


1- Training the Disaster Search Dog

2- Search And Rescue Dogs: Training The K-9 Hero 2nd Edition

Conformation/Dog Shows:

1- All About Dog Shows: Spectators Guide

2- Preparation And Presentation Of The Show Dog DVD

3- Show Notes Record Book

4- An Eye For A Dog, Illustrated Guide To Judging Purebred Dogs

Specialty Training:

1- Schutzhund Obedience: Training in Drive

2- Schutzhund Basic Obedience DVD #1

3- Schutzhund Basic Obedience DVD #2

4- Schutzhund Obedience #3: A Modern View of Correction Video


1- New Knowledge Of Dog Behavior


1- War Dogs

Breed Books:

1- The Total German Shepherd Dog

by Ruth Rosbach-Chandler
Item: DTO156
Amusingly written to help you through inevitable training problems encountered in training the heel and getting enthusiastic attention for competition. Some methods are somewhat controversial.

by Diane Bauman
Item: DTO103
New 3rd Edition! Shows how dogs learn, what they do with what they learn, and how a stimulated canine mind, along with an untrampled canine ego, makes for a dog that is a joy to live and work with. The new edition presents the most current knowledge on canine learning patterns.

by Terri Arnold
Item: DTO181
For any experience level: Book 1 will teach you how to develop crystal-clear communication with your dog; grow and foster a relationship with your dog at home and in the ring, and much more.

by Terri Arnold
Item: DTO182
Book 2 will teach you to shape your dog's natural characteristics into becoming a team player and truly understand the details that go into mastering all the novice exercises.

by Terri Arnold
Item: DTO183
Book 3 teaches you to apply the skills you learned in Books 1 and 2 to better communicate with your dog and thoroughly understand the components that make up the Open and Utility classes.

by Judy Byron & Adele Yunck
Item: DTO200
An excellent reference manual that explains how to teach, motivate, and proof obedience exercises from Novice to Utility. Decribes how to move from training to showing with a wide variety of breeds; methods presented reflect experiences with training dogs that have different personalities and temperaments. Well illustrated with line drawings and photos. Very readable! Useful for instructors as well as those training their own dogs.

by Ivan Balabanov
Item: DTB803
See how you and your dog can benefit in improved communication, strengthened trust and more consistent obedience performance, whether competitor or companion.

by Ivan Balabanov
Item: DTB804
A strong emphasis is placed on teaching the dog self control to minimize correction, achieve precision through motivation and signaled non-reward. Builds heavily on Tape 1.

by Barbara Cecil & Gerianne Darnell
Item: DTO157
Special techniques for those training small dogs in competitive obedience! Covers novice through utility, even sources of special equipment!

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