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   The Cocker is one of the most well known breeds to the general public. The Cocker is the smallest of the sporting breeds yet capable of considerable speed and great endurance. Unfortunately the Cocker is also prone to some severe health issues.

   The American Water Spaniel is a hardy dog that loves to hunt. He was developed in the US to be an all around hunting dog working on land as well as in the water.


Used to be called the Brittany spaniel but the name was changed in 1982 dropping the word spaniel as the Brittany does not hunt like a spaniel but rather more like the setters. The Brittany is a close ranging dog in the hunting field so is liked by today’s hunters as the hunting areas are becoming smaller also its size makes it better adapted to city living than some of the larger bird dogs but it is not a couch potato!

The Chesapeake was known for its stamina during hunting in the old days. This breed would retrieve 100-200 ducks in a single day! The dog today should show courage, willingness to work, alertness, good scenting ability, intelligence and a love of water. They should have a bright and happy disposition but some of these dogs are a bit strong in temperament and require an owner who can take charge.

The Clumber Spaniel looks like a Saint Bernard without legs! They have a massive head with wrinkled brows. This is a low stationed heavy dog that, when trained, makes a fine retriever.

The curly coat is pretty easy going, very trainable, affectionate, enduring, hardy and will practically live in the water. She is very active and has a lot of endurance.

  The English cocker is the original “Cocker spaniel”. The American type was created from the English type. The English cocker is an active, merry sporting dog that loves to work which is confirmed by his constantly wagging tail when in the field.

  The English Setter is a beautiful, active and lovable dog. There are two distinct types of English Setters; the show dog that has a long flowing coat and the field type that has a lot less coat and is different in body style than the show dog.

  The Springer is a friendly dog that is quick to learn and eager to please. His long ears, soft gentle expression, sturdy build and friendly wagging tail mark him unmistakably a member of the family of spaniels. Springers are athletic, have great endurance and generally have a great attitude.

  The Field spaniel is not a well known sporting breed. They are unusually docile, sensitive, fun-loving, independent and intelligent with a great desire for human companionship and may be reserved when meeting strangers.

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