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   Tracking is a venue where the dog is in control using one of their best senses!


Follow the link below to download a copy of the tracking regulations from the AKC site.
signing an entry form states that you have read the rule book. This booklet covers what is involved in the three levels of tracking: length, articles, age, crosstracks etc.

Tracking Regulations booklet.


I like to start a puppy tracking at 8-10 weeks of age. They cannot concentrate for long periods of time but the skills you imprint to the pup when he is this young will never be forgotten.
When I start my pups I begin with hard surface (concrete or asphalt) tracking, once they learn hard surface vegetated becomes easy. Use caution when picking your tracking area as newly laid asphalt will make your puppy/dog ill.


With any form of tracking whether it be for competition, SAR or police work you will want your dog to indicate items that have been dropped by the person they are tracking. The type of indication your dog gives you really depends on the type of tracking the dog is doing and what comes most easily to the dog. In Police K-9 work you really donít want the dog picking up the evidence and in competition the rules vary. AKC tracking allows the dog to retrieve the article if that is what the handler wants. There is one main negative to having the dog retrieve the article and that is the dog comes off the track to bring you the article and will have to search to find the track again.
This article will cover how to teach your dog to clearly indicate articles on the track.

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