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Follow the link below to download a copy of the rally regulations from the AKC site.
signing an entry form states that you have read the rule book.

Rally Regulations booklet.

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   Rally obedience has handler and dog working a course consisting of “stations” (10-20 depending on level).
   The team works the course at a continuous brisk pace (Rally is a “timed” sport) performing the exercise posted on the station sign. There should be a sense of teamwork between the dog and handler both during the numbered exercises and between the exercise signs; however, perfect “heel position” is not required and scoring is not as rigorous as traditional obedience (there are no ˝ point deductions).

Unlimited communication in the form of verbal cues/commands, patting leg, clapping hands, hand signals, and praise are encouraged not penalized. Multiple commands and/or signals using one or both arms and hands are allowed, you do not have to keep your hands in any particular position at any time. The handler may NOT touch the dog (with the exception of the stand exercise in novice) or make physical corrections nor issue harsh, loud or intimidating verbal/signal commands at any time.

“Rally O” is a fun, entertaining form of obedience that can sharpen a dogs skill for traditional obedience competition. Young dogs that are not ready for traditional obedience or the aged dog that is retired and does not want to be can benefit from the non stressful form of Rally O. It also helps the nervous exhibitor get more “ring” comfortable.


Rally Novice (RN):
* This class is divided into A and B, all exercises are on lead.
* There will be between 10-15 stations with no more than five stationary exercises per class.
* Rally Novice will only use signs 1- 31.

Novice A: shall be for dogs that have never won any Rally or Obedience titles and handlers that have never titled a dog in either venue. The dog must be owned by the handler or by a household/family member.

Novice B: Any dog may compete in this class until a qualifying score in the Rally Advanced class is earned. Anyone may handle dogs in this class. You can enter more than one dog in this class but no dog shall be entered in both A and B at the same trial.


These are some common terms that are used in Rally sign descriptions and in the AKC rules and regulations.

   Exercises with an asterisk* (5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 17, 18, 19, 34) may be used multiple times on a Rally course.
Rally Novice may use signs 1-31.
Rally Advanced may use signs 1-45.
Rally Excellent uses all signs and 2 jumps.

"START"(sign #1) This sign will be used on all courses indicating the start of the course. This sign does not count toward the total number of stations on the course.

Call Front - 1, 2, 3 Steps Backward. While heeling, the handler stops forward motion and calls the dog to the front position (dog sits in front and faces the handler). The handler may take several steps backwards as the dog turns and moves to a sit in the front position. With the dog in the front position, the handler takes one step backwards and halts. The dog moves with the handler and sits in the front position as the handler halts. This is followed by the handler taking two steps backwards and a halt, and three steps backwards and a halt. Each time, the dog moves with the handler to the front position and sits as the handler halts. The handler then commands the dog to resume heel position as the team moves forward toward the next station (the dog needs to clear the handlers forward path when commanded to resume heel position but does not need to be completely in heel and should not sit in heel before the handler starts forward). (Stationary exercise)


Here are a few tips to remember when you begin to compete in Rally Obedience:

  Companion Obedience
  Learn the Breeds
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